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The Weekend That Was: Hello August!


I just know it’ll be an awesome month with the way ours started! I’m planning to slow it down and just enjoy what being with the kids. 

That said, I need to come up with various activities we’ll do during weekends to minimize going to the malls. We started with homemade fingerpaint. Knowing how Z doesn’t like being dirty, I wasn’t sure that it will be a success. 

But he tried!!! The only thing I’ll change is the recipe for the paint. It is too watery and you need to scoop the cornstarch from the bottom of the container. And the McCormick food colors are vibrant even with just a few drops. If you have your own fingerpaint recipe, please do share in the comments! 

Of course, every great weekend starts off with an awesome breakfast! I really enjoyed Mcdonald’s Cheesy Eggdesal, I had two! Haha! Sandwiched between two pan de sals, is a light and fluffy scarmbled egg with cheese in the middle! It’s really, REALLY yummy! It is available in all Mcdo branches during breakfast. 

That little girl in the background had her well-baby check up. We found out that she now weighs 8.1 kilos! She’s officially my work-out haha! Time flies by too quickly and in 2 weeks, she’ll start on solids! Waaaah! 

Capping off a great weekend is a spread of good food. My uncle treated us for his birthday at Angel’s Kitchen. And yes, it was like food heaven! 

I highly suggest the Tinapa Rice with BBQ Tocino (top right) and the Beef Taquitos (3rd from left, bottom row). Angel’s Kitchen is along Connecticut St., Greenhills.

Here’s to a chill August! What are your plans for this month?! 

Out and About

How We Play for Real in Our Condo

Someone once said to me “kawawa naman si Zoren sa condo, paano s’ya maglalaro?” (I pity Zoren, how can he play in your place). Well, our place might be limited in space, but as far as I know, I’ve given my son a lot of opportunities to play! Here are examples how we Play for Real:


Running around may not be an option, but Z sure has the energy and imagination to be Superman!


Since the bathroom is the safest place in the condo to get dirty, why not use the time there to paint?


Bath time should not just be about getting clean. Use that time to talk, play with bath toys, do experiments. After all, it is the only place you can really be gadget-free.


Once, Z and I just sat on the window ledge and waited for airplanes.


We can’t keep Z away from the kitchen so might as well let him help. Just make sure you use kid-friendly kitchen tools.


The simplest game ever: peek-a-boo!

Our imagination and creativity make up for the space that we lack. And I think it makes playing more fun!


This is a sponsored post.

We attended J & J’s event advocating active sensory play in kids, which is the inspiration of this post. During that event, Z experienced how it is to play outside and with other kids!