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A Z Story: Minutes Before the Party…

Z actually fell asleep after this pictorial session! We were fashionably late for his own party, but that short nap put him in a good mood. By the way, our official photographer for the event was RVC Photography. They also covered our wedding, and other family events. We’re really happy with their services because they […]

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And The Winners Are…

I’m so sorry it took me a while to post this. Sucky internet connection. I’m still using a prepaid one by the way. Congratulations to the winners of the Tip Tap Soft Soles giveaway: And to Aine Garcia for winning the best comment. Both of you won a pair of Tip Tap Soft Soles from […]

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Baby Shopping + A Giveaway!

I must admit that my husband and I went overboard with shopping for the wee one, even while he was in my tummy. We wanted to be prepared for his coming and who doesn’t like shopping, right?! I’m thankful that two of my aunties e-mailed me their own “things-to-buy-for-baby” list. The lists had similar items: […]